1. Online education: blessing or risk?

    • By: INSdb
    • August 16, 2020

    Due to coronavirus pandemic, we have noticed that the education trend has been leaning and hanging towards online education. Online education includes studying from electronic devices at a set time of the lectures. Whereas students are happier with fewer hours to study and learning mathematics from the comfort of their PJs, it is also far too easy to sleep during the lecture and get consumed in eating breakfast. Yet, one would also point that comfortable mind and environment leads to better retention. So, is online education risk or blessing? Find out by reading the table mentioned below.

    Comparison table between blessing and risk of online education:

    Learning processFlexible.It is harder to study without human interaction.
    CostThe costs of online education will be cheaper as stationary and transport expenses are cut.The degree may not be valued. Government can mitigate the risk by making necessary legislation.
    TasksThe focus is on improving the skills and quality of the task than the quantity.The student has to reply to themselves for the competition of the task.
    DigitizationFrom a young age, the children will learn the worlds of professional life and the role of digitization.The eyes of the students may get compromised.
    Learning materialThe student learns about the most recent and updated syllabus.The student will have to learn about self-regulation and self-direction.
    EnvironmentComfortable and familiar.If the environment is too comfortable, the student will not have productive anxiety.
    Access to educationAccess to education is very easy and can be accessed in seconds.There is no encouragement to do better and strive to achieve the top level.
    DiversionThere is a lack of diversion, and students are focused on only studying without any distractions of daily school life.Parents are under pressure to maintain silence and stop their daily chores to an extent.
    CoursesAll the courses are available to the student.Extracurricular is not an option, and some special classes may be stopped as well. 
    SyllabusThe syllabus is the same for everyone and creates uniformity.The syllabus will not cater to the personal needs of the students and hence can lead some students to under-perform or over-perform.
    ExamsThe concept of no exam is stress-free for students.Without exams, it’s difficult to reward a student according to merit.

    In conclusion, even if online education has it’s pros, a face to face interaction and institute of school is necessary. We can, however, use digital media and make our schools smart for the students. https://www.mygurug.in has taken an Initiative to make Bharat self-reliant and make India a great country. MyGuruG has taken an Initiative to Initiate Ganesha-Mathelytics-Challenge for class 3-8 ( https://www.mygurug.in/ganesha-2020-mathelytics-challenge). Ganesha-Mathelytics-Challenge is being conducted by MyGuruG on 29th August 2020.

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